I'll Be Home on Christmas Day ~ Elvis cover Joe Var Veri

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SS # know, I it's not Christmas but I've never seen this as a Christmas song! I've seen it as a journey of someone who is making their way, finding their way, yearning, longing and confessing perhaps their regret for leaving to pursue their passion. The need to get back home. They've quenched their thirst and now there's only one thing on their mind; family and the love that they feel. So here's a throwback to a song I uploaded in June, 2009, that upload gained the interest of the original songwriter Michael Jarrett. I was blessed, Michael befriended me and I cherish his friendship and the stories he told me about his two songs (I'll Be Home On Christmas Day and "I'm Leavin'") that landed in Elvis' hands and were eventually recorded by him. He has told me countless stories of his own musical journey and the affects of having two songs recorded by Elvis. I couldn't begin to imagine the joy this man has felt. As a songwriter, this is simply a dream come true.
I enjoy playing this song very often in my solitude. I hope you enjoy this little take. Love to all, and this one's for you Mickey. -JoJo
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