If Kane Brown Sang WAP by Cardi B - Travis Yee

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I would never sing these lyrics in real life I did for TikTok. It's so awkward haha. Hope you like this one too. Kane, maybe you'll see this and like it a not lol.

Mixed by my friend Dylan Kline: &


I said certified freak
Seven days a week
Yeah yeah yeah
Make that pull out game weak
Tell me where to put it
Wap wap did I wet it
I’ll give you everything I’ve got

Everybody’s talking about WAP
Like they just can’t wait to go
I’ll park it in your garage, big Mack truck
Thats what I told ya
Now from the top
Bucket and a mop
I’m talking wap wap wap

I don’t know how
I don’t know how heaven, heaven could be better than this

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