Ideal Weight to Height Chart for Indian Men and Women | Weight according to Height and Age in Hindi

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कैसे जानें आपका वज़न सही है या नहीं? आपमें कितना वजन होना चाहिए आपकी लम्बाई के अनुसार | BMI Calculator with score prediction. Perfect height and weight for males and females PDF. Weight according to my/your height. Age-wise ideal weight and height chart for boys and girls.

Timestamp in this video.
1:00 - Broca's Index for a simple calculation of normal body weight.
1:42- Simple Calculation of Ideal Bodyweight for men and women.
2:47 - BMI calculation and prediction '
- Link for BMI calculation -
3:33- Special tips for athletes and bodybuilders.
3:50 - INDIAN COUNCIL OF MEDICAL RESEARCH's Ideal weight to height chart for all Indian boys and girls, men and women / Males and females. Download Link -

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