How to Make a This Is Spotify Playlist Meme (Template Included)

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This Is Spotify meme template here:

The This is Spotify meme parodies playlist covers seen on the music streaming app Spotify. People are creating their own versions of Spotify playlist covers where instead of having the artist’s name and image below the words “this is”, people include a photo of a similar looking person, feature someone who is unlikely to be on Spotify, or use an alternative interpretation of the artist's name. You can make your own versions of these Spotify memes using our free online customizable template. In this tutorial, we show you how to change the text, background color, and photo in the template to instantly lift someone into Spotify stardom.

There are 5 easy steps:
1. Open the template
2. Add the artist name (Use the Spotify font: Poppins)
3. Add a photo
4. Click the red “Export Image” button
5. Download your meme & share

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Intro to This Is Spotify Memes (00:00)
Open the Template (00:37)
Add the Artist Name (01:38)
Add a Photo (02:25)
Erase Photo Backgrounds (03:10)
Change the Background Color (04:10)
Save & Share Your Meme (04:48)

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