HOW TO CURE SLICE SPIN (And Remember It In The Future)

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In this tip I show you how to cure slice spin and I even give you a way to remember how to do it when you go to play into the future.

Slicing is the most common flaw on golf. Just imagine how well you would play if you finally hit the ball long and straight. Well, fixing a slice is one of my specialties. I can literlly fix this swing flaw in minutes. All you have to do is see it differently.

I will not be having you do a strong grip or another of the other things that you have tried in the past. This is not how to cure a slice. Instead, you're going to see it differently then apply a simple wrist drill that will get you squaring the face curing the slice.

Now this will get rid of the slice spin on your shots. Do this and you are half way there so stay focused on this and start doing it right away. You can do this at the range or even at home if you can't get out to practice. This can be done with driver and irons.

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