How I Got 100K Streams On Spotify

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Hey guys, I realized a lot of other artists are frustrated with finding out "how to get 100k streams on Spotify" , so I made a quick video to cut through all the bs on the internet and get straight to the "cheese and gritz".

Alright, so here is a quick breakdown. You're going to want to have the Spotify desktop app downloaded, this process currently doesn't work on mobile. Once you log into your Spotify, apply your genre (rap, hiphop, r&b, etc.) into the search bar and click the playlist hyperlink. From there it will give you thousands of curated playlists, click on the Spotify playlist of your choose and in the bio section a lot of playlists will have their "submission" email or Instagram handle. This takes hours to do, but eventually when you email enough curators you will then be able to work something out with them and that's how you REALISTICALLY grow organically on Spotify.

Let me know below if you have further questions and I'll do my best to help you out!

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Your welcome fam
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