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When the good old memories of Hong Kong are fading away gradually, how can we preserve them?

Comic artist Felix IP chooses to create the comic series “Hongkong Machines” with his rich imagination, turning old goodies of Hong Kong into stylish or cute robots, transforming nostalgia into his new and interesting ideas to give those old goodies a new life with an artistic soul.

Felix has been in love with animations and comics since he was young, and as a Hong Kong comic artist, he has a rare career path of jumping from the game and animation production industry to the world of Hong Kong comics. He had been in the field of animation production for more than 10 years as an art director and a creative director, with his famous works including the movies “The Ninja Turtles” and “Astro Boy”. Felix has been making a long-form comic adaptation of Jozev LAU’s martial arts novel “Blood and Steel” since 2011. This comic is drawn in black and white colour and published as deluxe edition in Japanese style, which is refreshing to the fans of Hong Kong comics. This marked the start of Felix’s career as a comic artist and he became a freelance artist. Although he has tried creating works in different styles and themes, what Felix impresses comic fans most are his signature free and unrestrained style and the strong local sentiments in his works.

In this episode, Dr. FAN Wing-chung will interview Felix to learn more about his change of the track in his creations, and also on how his unique working experience in the ACG (animations, comics and games) industry helps him walk further on the road of comics.

Host: Dr. FAN Wing-chung (Senior Lecturer, Department of History of Hong Kong Baptist University)
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