haikyuu texts - another karaoke party ft. TWICE

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heeeyyyy baes what up i'm uploading this shorter video now but next i'll be posting the shampoo challenge pt. 3!! it's gonna be a longer video so it might take me a while to edit also THANKS SO FREAKING MUCH for 2k i can't believe how fast this channel is growing what the heck!!!!!!!! i'll continue making more content for you guys and try to keep improving my videos as i go :) also i've seen a few comments about including other ships so i just want to make this clear THERE WILL BE NO STRAIGHT PEOPLE IN MY VIDEOS (minus tanaka lol) also i sorta wanna keep with the ongoing vibe and don't want to change the character direction too much i hope you guys understand :) oki oki bye

intro song - PINK BLUSHER by IZ*ONE
main song - LIKEY by TWICE
outro song - Love Clock by APRIL
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