GoldenEye 007 N64 - WW2 City - 00 Agent (Custom level)

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Level author: Flargee
Level name: WW2 City
Download Link: :ww2-city

Primary objectives:
a. Destroy all phones
b. Find important documents
c. Open security gate
This is a custom level of GoldenEye 64 installed with the GoldenEye Setup Editor - more info here:
Install tutorial:

Second level by Flargee with a WW2 setting. Incredibly high quality weapon models, enemies, world geometry/details and even a new enemy type. Definitely one of the best levels - can be difficult if you lure out a lot of guards as I did here.

This is being played through with an emulator and a 60FPS patch, mouse & keyboard controls and with increased FOV.

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