Full Moonalice - "Love, Peace and Happiness" (Official Music Video)

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According to Full Moonalice legend, these are scary times. The pandemic has killed more than 100,000 people. More than 40 million people have filed for unemployment insurance. Thousands are in the streets every night protesting police brutality and discriminatory practices. Meanwhile, the man in the White House makes it all worse.

We in the Full Moonalice tribe need to be part of the solution. Let us acknowledge that many of our brothers and sisters suffer from discrimination and do everything in our power to rectify that. Let us celebrate diversity. As Darrin Brenner demonstrates in the art above, we are stronger and better when we join hands and work together.

Spread love, peace, and happiness. And listen to and share our version of the Chambers Brothers hit, Love, Peace and Happiness, the fourth release from our upcoming album, Time Has Come.

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Song by Lester Chambers, Joseph Lamar Chambers, Willie Mack Chambers, George Chambers.
Engineered by Dave Way. Recorded by Dave Way and Ari Rios.
Poster art by Carolyn Ferris, Chris Shaw, Darrin Brenner.
Video by Lester & Dylan Chambers, Arthur Rosato, Jon Luini
Live video footage by Arthur Rosato and Patrick Spohrer

Full Moonalice: Barry Sless, Chloe Tietjen, Dylan Chambers, Erika Tietjen, Jason Crosby, John Molo, Lester Chambers, Pete Sears, Rachel Tietjen, Roger McNamee

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