Friday Night Funkin' - Tankman's Room Apocalyptic Mod | Baby Pico,Sky,Hex!

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In this video, I made the FNF Tankman's room and baby Pico, Hex, Sky.
Check out my the Friday Night Funkin Mod clay art tutorial.

If you have any question about clay modelling, please leave a comment!
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Download the game and support the devs:

produced by kawai sprite:

CHARACTERS & MUSIC NOT MINE! They belong to the rightful

♫Music By♫

Squeak - FNF Week 7 Stuff

Mochi - FNF Vs Hex - Dunk - Instrumental

Zenchi - UGH Tankman VS Sky FNF MASHUP

A Friday Night Funkin song originally made by Kawai Sprite - MILF- FnF (slowed and reverb).
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