Frankie and the Witch Fingers - Sweet Freak (Official Video)

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Off the new album Monsters Eating People Eating
Out OCT 2, 2020

Video by Spaghetti Jesus
Video Feedback Effects by Slob Dylan
2D-Animation by Mitchell Zemil

© Greenway Records / The Reverberation Appreciation Society

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Following the rhythm-wracked previous single “Cavehead,” Frankie and the Witch Fingers strike back with another new track that seeks to siphon from the cosmic horror and wonder that lurks between the fibers of space and time. As you prepare to cast off your mortal cage and summon the cruel cosmic gods of old, the tones of “Sweet Freak” strike up, creating a bodily hum that aligns the humors, walking the listener to the edge and slipping over the side of the fissure. Fueled by ravenous riffs and a thunder of bass, the song takes a more insistent tack than the Witch Fingers followed last, but like “Cavehead,” that howling heartbeat of rhythm drives the song like an engine. Sax stabs jolt the listener to life, guitars dart in and out before reaching an apex of amplifier froth. The Witch Fingers gather their gauntlets and smash through the veil of souls in search of new horizons in perpetual permutation.

The single's handed down in tandem with news that it inhabits (along with "Cavehead") their new LP Monsters Eating People Eating (repeated infinitely). The accompanying video, shot by Spaghetti Jesus, pulls from a childhood love of science fiction and Kaiju films, a fascination for claymation, and a fear of the dark. SJ admits, “I was definitely aiming to make a short cosmic horror film that walked the line between camp and nightmare fuel,” and he’s not foolin '. The clip rakes in the waking horror of capture and vivisection and runs it through the psychedelic childhood comfort of claymation before melting your mind in the sun. The new LP is out October 2nd.

After a stretch on Chicago/LA flagship Permanent Records the band landed at yet another fabled enclave of garage and psychedelia - Brooklyn’s Greenway Records, now working in tandem with psych powerhouse LEVITATION and their label The Reverberation Appreciation Society, the group’s latest effort is dually supported by a RAS / Greenway co-release.
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