Fox News vs MSNBC | Cartoon Rap Battle (feat Hannity, Maddow, Kanye)

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What if Fox News took on MSNBC in a cartoon rap battle?


Welcome to the Sean Hannity Show
Elections 2020
Who could possibly give Trump
a run for his money?
He’s so far ahead
it’s hard to see him from a distance
I’m squinting, looking for competition
to his 2020 vision

Thanks for tuning in with me to MSNBC
A bunch of Dems, three Republicans,
one presidential seat
How can the patriotic right
give Trump respect at all
when he’s just the last piece
of a Russian nesting doll?

Rachel, I’m tired of your insanity
Trump is a doll?
Let’s have this out, right now
once and for all
Let’s debate this upcoming election
I’ve got time
Assemble your best crew
cause I’ve got mine

Trump is going down
I have a list full of guests
Comedians, news guys, political reps
Live and direct,
no more subliminal threats
Now we’ll show you
what we mean by the “liberal left”

Alright, a little help from my friends
Go get ‘em!

It’s Fox & Friends,
up like the economy lately
Our guy Trump’s looking sturdy
where Obama was shaky

The radical left is talking Communist-crazy

Bunch of clowns in the ring, like Barnum & Bailey

That was trash
I’m tagging in Whoopie

Y’all got “friends” in the name
and yet no one really likes you
I’m so sick of the right’s views
The people need the right view
You never call Trump out
The way that you play it safe’s
like Area 51, scared to alienate your base

You’re making allegations
and you really need to stop, though
We’re a news outlet
The View is a daytime talk show

You call yourself a news network?
For Fox sake
it’s no meme when I ask
What does the fox say?

I love Trump’s articulate tweets
Despite negative press covfefe
it’s almost like he could do this in his sleep
Here’s the clip of the week
of somebody who looks like an orange
getting impeached

Stephen Colbert telling us
who’s not presidential?
Go back to where your act belongs
on Comedy Central
If you want it safe for Middle East,
you better vote for Donny
He’ll take out the other candidates
like he did Soleimani

Trump will win in 2020
I mean, look at the economy
It'll be like taking candy
from a socialist wannabe
The libs’ political climate’s
getting cold and stormy
Of course these snowflakes
want to believe in global warming

Tomi, I know you’re always this close
to getting cancelled
But the only thing getting Stormy
ends with Daniels
Listen close, Democrats
I know this is tough
But saying "I'm Not Donald Trump"
won't be enough

Look, John, your critiques
are never this legitimate
But we have a national emergency
Our president’s an idiot
Just take a look at every
promise that he’s stalled
He can’t finish anything
I mean, the writing’s on the wall

Get her out of here!

La, la, la la
Trump and I both love money, right
La, la, la la
Other than that there's nothing, right?
Excuse me, was you saying Russians?
Uh uh, you can’t tell me nothing
Collusion, the only way that Trump wins
Uh uh, you can’t tell me nothing

Oh, look at my African American over here

Huge fan. Nice to meet you, Mr. Snoop
I think you’ll be a great
addition to the group
That MAGA hat looks great
on you and you were nice on the mic
Proves Trump supporters aren’t
only whites from the right

Ugh, how is that friendship even a thing?
I bet Trump got jealous
when Kanye said Jesus is King
Trump did a 180
Was a Democrat on the low
We cover the full 360 like Anderson’s show

This is Anderson Cooper,
here in Middle America
where politics have stirred up
a little hysteria

Well I’m also reporting
from the heart of the nation
where Trump is strong as ever
with farmers and tradesmen

cont'd .....

Created by Rhyme Combinator, 6 Point Harness, Lincoln Project
Executive Producer: Reid Hoffman
Producers: Beau Lewis, Ian Alas
Director: Beau Lewis
Vocal Directors: Illmac, Frak
Writers: Illmac, Frak, Beau Lewis, Ben Parker, Brett Erlich, Random, Jordan Ranff, Seth Brown
Music: Chase Moore, Will “V” Randolph, Causmic
Mix/master: Fai, Deep H20z
Animation: 6 Point Harness

Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson: Matt McManus
Rachel Maddow, Ainsley Earhardt, Ann Coulter: Patty Mattson
Ben Shapiro, John Oliver: Ray William Johnson
Stephen Colbert, Steve Doocy, Don Trump Jr: Chris Wylde
Donald Trump: Jonathan Kite
Elizabeth Warren, Tomi Lahren: Dana Swanson
Arnold Schwartzenegger, Brian Kilmeade, Eric Trump: Mark Harley
Bernie Sanders: Michael Nathanson
Anderson Cooper, Ted Cruz, Joe Biden: Ted Evans
Whoopie Goldberg, Kanye West: Wattshomiequan

Susan Collins, Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Patty Matson
Ben Carson, Anthony Scaramucci: Conrad Kinsuzu
Mike Pence: Chase Moore

Special thanks: Sarah Longwell, Dmitri Mehlhorn, Maya Bourdeaux, David Sanford, Saida Sapieva, Greg Beato
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