Eurovision 2021: New songs required, same artists allowed by EBU

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The EBU has confirmed that Eurovision 2021 artists must submit new songs, even if they were chosen for Eurovision 2020. However, broadcasters can choose to send the same artists if they wish. They made the announcement after confirming plans for an alternative Eurovision that will celebrate the acts from 2020.

In this video we discuss the following topics:

1:10 EBU statement on new songs, but same artists for Eurovision 2021
1:40 Is it a good idea to force countries to choose new songs?
13:10 Should broadcasters automatically choose acts from 2020?
15:15 Why some national finals like Melodifestivalen 2021 (The Mamas!) and Eesti Laul (Uku Ssuviste!) won't automatically send artists
20:42 The Roop want to return to Eurovision — whether through internal song selection or national song final

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