Eurovision 2020 - Top 36 (So Far...) +??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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Albania - Shaj by Arilena Ara
Armenia - Chains on You by Athena Manoukian
Australia - Don’t Break Me by Montaigne
Austria - Alive by Vincent Bueno
Azerbaijan - by Samira Efendi
Belarus - Da Vidna ( Да вiдна ) by VAL
Belgium - Release Me by Hooverphonic
Bulgaria - Tears Getting Sober by Victoria
Croatia - Divliji vjetre by Damir Kedžo
Cyprus - Running by Sandro
Czech Republic - Kemama by Benny Cristo
Denmark - Yes by Ben & Tan
Estonia - What Love Is by Uku Suviste
Finland - Looking Back by Aksel Kankaanranta
France - The Best in Me by Tom Leeb
Georgia - Take Me As I am by Tornike Kipiani
Germany - Violent Thing by Ben Dolic
Greece - Superg!rl by Stefania
Iceland - Gagnamagnið (Think About Things) by Daði & Gagnamagnið
Ireland - Story of My Life by Lasley Roy
Israel - Feker libi by Eden Alene
Italy - Fai rumore by Diodato
Latvia - Still Breathing by Samanta Tīna
Lithuania - On Fire by the Roop
Malta - by Destiny Chukunyere
Moldova - Prison by Natalia Gordienko
Netherlands - Grow by Jeangu Macrooy
North Macedonia - You by Vasil
Norway - Attention by Ulrikke
Poland - Empire by Alicja Szemplińska
Portugal - Medo de Sentir by Elisa
Romania - Alcohol You by Roxen
Russia - by Little Big
San Marino - by Senhit
Serbia - Hasta La Vista by Hurricane
Slovenia - Voda by Ana Soklič
Spain - Universo by Blas Cantó
Sweden - Move by The Mamas
Switzerland - Repondez-moi by Gjon’s Tears
Ukraine - Solovey (Соловей) by Go_a
United Kingdom - My Last Breath by James Newman
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