???? Dyfi Osprey Project: 2021 Live Stream

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This is the 2021 Live Streaming from Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust's Dyfi Osprey Project (WALES).

????️ ????️ OBSERVATION BOARD 2021:

Yes, from Monday 3 May but with a booking system restrictions. Link here:

???? 26th MARCH: Telyn arrives home at 17:28 (her earliest on record)
???? 29th MARCH: Idris arrives at 17:10

???? 12th APRIL: 1st EGG at 09:55
???? 15th APRIL: 2nd EGG at 09:40
???? 18th APRIL: 3rd EGG at 07:05

First egg due to hatch 18th May ????????????

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The railway to Machynlleth will be closed from 15 May to Monday 28 June 2021 due to essential maintenance.

Chat Guidelines:

1. Please be kind and respectful – Towards other chat users, other organisations, moderators and the Project.

2. No swearing or inappropriate language. The chat is open to people of all ages.

3. Avoid sensitive subjects. Discussions on reglion, politics, ethics are likely to trigger arguments that are not needed on this platform.

4. Never give out personal information about yourself or anyone else.

5. Please do not give out information or allude to other nests of ospreys which are not in the public domain, or any bird that is protected by law (most of them)

6. Stay on topic. This is a chat about ospreys and wildlife, particularly the Dyfi. We all like to hear news from other nests but please keep this limited and make it clear you are discussing another nest to avoid confusion.

7. If you ask a question and it gets missed, please don’t be put off. Wait until things quieten down or you spot a Moderator who should be able to answer.

8. Welsh language – we welcome the use of Welsh language on this chat but we may not always have a Welsh speaking moderator online. Please do not be offended or become confrontational if you are answered in English.

9. If comments are deemed to be a problem they will be removed by moderators. This is done at the moderators discretion. If this happens repeatedly you may receive a warning or be removed as a chat user. This action can be permanant or reviewed after a cooling down period.

10. Many of our moderators are volunteers. Any abuse directed at them will not be tolerated.
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