Drive-By Car Show Attracts TOO MUCH Attention!

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This was the most recent #DriveByCarShow, which was set outside Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking. The original concept of spotting fancy cars was certainly still in play, with numerous incredible Lamborghinis turning up. However the growth of the car show may have changed forthcoming episodes!
Luckily the police were more than happy for it to take part. They reveled in its uniqueness and exclaimed that they would rather us be here than crammed in a car park, less able to stay distant from each other. They were merely there as a deterrent, and I hope they enjoyed the spectacle too. However some of the locals, already concerned by the constant quantity of motorcyclists in the area, had different things to say.
Keep an eye out on my Instagram to see whether the location is changed, again to keep 'Karen' happy.

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