Draw With Me / Thistle Witch / Q&A chat

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SHOP SALE tomorrow!(saturday May 15 2021 lol) Totally forgot to mention this in my video haha, but please check out my shop if you'd like to support me :) Opening at 12PM EDT
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ALSO;;; I MADE ITTT man this was a close call. I almost failed to edit this video in time to post today (friday) but I persevered x'D
Hope you guys enjoy this video!

✧ART SUPPLY LINKS✧ (not necessarily all used in this video lol)
➤ Betty Hayways brushes:
➤ MUJI ballpoint pens:
➤ Muji sketchbooks:
➤ Dr Martins Synchromatic watercolors:
➤ Dr Martins black star hicarb(glossy) ink:
➤ Dr Martins black star matte ink:
➤ Winsor&Newton Inks:
➤ Deleter NIB and pen holder (starter set):
➤ Prismacolor Col-erase pencil set:
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