Don't mess with those boobies! Poor Man's Galápagos at its best - UNTIE THE LINES IV #53

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Boobies are just the cutest, especially the blue-footed ones. The way they dance and pick up sticks to show how good of a nest they can build...Just super sweet! I could watch them for hours...

Isla Plata is a very pretty island, just off the coast of Ecuador mainland. Since it's been declared a National Park and commercial fishing has been banned, the bird colonies have grown back to quite extensive numbers. And there are many many curious turtles surrounding my sailboat Karl. Yes, it has a bit of a Galápagos feeling to it...

And that fishing net you can tell, I am still processing what happened out there. It was a bit of a scary moment and it's crazy how quickly they are over but then you look back at them and realize that they actually had a stronger impact than you thought they had.

Well, have a great weekend!

Ahoy, Nike & Karl

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This is NOT a live documentary! There is a time difference between filming and publishing due to the time it takes to send data home, to edit the episodes and to internet not always being awailable on those little remote palm tree islands :)
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