Docketcast Ep. 2 - Disney Cars NASCAR Reveals - Missing Piston Cup Next-Gens, Halloween, Updates

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Over the last week, much of the 2021 Disney Cars die-cast line has been revealed, including new Color Changers, Mini Racers and most excitingly the second wave of NASCAR releases with Next-Gens Fiber Fuel, Shifty Drug and Sidewall Shine. Moreover, four episodes of Wandavision have now been released, only getting better and better. To conclude, I discuss the release dates of highly anticipated videos on my channel, including the collection video and the face reveal.

Trunk Fresh Green 34:

Docketcast Episode 1:
Missing Next-Gens:
NASCAR Wave 1:

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0:00 Introduction
1:16 NASCAR Series Is Out
2:09 2021 Singles Case D
3:03 Sputter Stop Tractor Out
5:10 Pam Wheeldarrow
5:45 NASCAR Wave 2
12:02 New Character
12:44 Halloween Cars
13:56 New 2021 Reveals
19:30 Wandavision
27:27 Channel Updates
29:59 Collection Video
31:46 Face Reveal
34:06 Forlorn Favorites
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