Classic Halo 2 Montage :: All I Want For Christmas Is You - By Reid18

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Gameplay and editing: Reid18 ()

It looks like Reid18's channel hasn't been active in a year, but there's still some nice videos on it:

Nice Halo 3 snipers spree:

Halo 2 montage with sick editing -

Date of original release: 12/16/2006

This montage is a part of "Operation Halo Montage Rescue". To find out more about this, check out my post:

I unfortunately had to audioswap the original version of this montage on this channel a long time ago, so goodbye 9,200 views. Anyways, this is Reid18's 5th Halo2 montage, entitled "All I Want For Christmas Is You", edited by himself. It won H2F's 5th Halo 2 montage competition and for good reason - The gameplay was amazing for its time and many clips still hold up today. There's a ton of awesome sticks as usual for Reid18 alongside the incredible killtacular barrel snipe to finish. The editing's relatively light and flows well with the song, and as usual for a classic Halo 2 montage, there's awesome bloopers at the end (look out for the CTF clip on Turf). I hope you guys enjoy this trip all the way back to 2006.
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