Caught Him Trying To Be The Ghost Of Hi5 Studios

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We've had some spooky experiences here at the studio, but I want to test how my employees would react if they came face to face with a ghost.

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00:00 - Testing My Crew - I need to see how my crew would react if they actually went face to face with a ghost.
00:40 - Luna Loves MEGA DESK - Mega Desk is spreading.
01:28 - The Overkill Mobile - Come see my villain mobile.
03:00 - The Evil Eye - is this good luck?
04:17 - Streamers - We have a bunch of streamer bois here.
05:14 - The FIRST Mega Desk - This is the biggest desk at now.
06:08 - Mega Desk Progress - The darkness is coming.
07:20 - A Family Trip - The bois go to lunch in the van.
08:26 - Mega Mega Desk Progress - Here's what's happening with mega desk.
13:08 - The Ghost Test - Does my team have what it takes to keep doing this ghost thing?

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