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Rohan is whipping up his final recipe and Dolly is spending some aaram ke pal, that’s it for now, it’s time you bid Nikki goodbye, and don’t forget to wish her best of luck!

About Best of Luck Nikki:
Best Of Luck Nikki is an original Disney India sitcom started on April 2011, this show revolves around a Sikh family, The Singhs, as they try and adjust to the birth of their fourth child, Nikki Singh Dolly Singh who is played by Sheena Bajaj, creates a video diary for Nikki Singh containing advice about her family and life as a teenager, Dolly Singh always shows Nikki videos in the diary so that she can figure out things easier when Dolly isn’t around anymore

Main Characters:-
Avatar Singh - The father of Nikki, Rohan, Dolly, and Sunny who is somewhat careless, he owns the "Avatar Bijlee Company (ABC)" which is an electric company.

Hemani Singh - The mother of Nikki, Rohan, Dolly and Sunny who is protective and comedic. Hemani Singh works as a nurse.

Rohan Singh - Oldest sibling of the Singh family.

Dolly Singh - The protagonist of the show and Nikki's only sister.

Sunny Singh - The brother who is sarcastic and lazy.

Nikki Singh (Nikita Singh) - The title character of this show and the youngest sibling of the Singh family.

Star Cast:
Ananya Kolvankar
Sheena Bajaj
Murtuza Kutianawala
Akash Nair
Gurdeep Kohli
Girish Sahedev

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