Battle of Technology - Cartoons about tanks

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In this cartoon about tanks, you will see the confrontation between two heavy-duty steel giants. Iron monster GT-44 will fight the Dark Dorzilla. But unlike a regular tank duel, in this episode, the steel giants will use special technologies. GT44 will use its special equipment that can intercept enemy shells and change the direction of movement of those shells. But Dark Dorzilla also has additional capabilities, thanks to which he can deactivate the special abilities of his opponent. In general, if you like tanks and cartoons, then I hope this video will interest you. Well, if you liked this cartoon and want to watch the continuation of the storyline about the super-powerful tank named Dozilla, subscribe to the Valhalla Toons channel so as not to miss out on new episodes. And, of course, thanks for watching! #valhalla_toons #tanks #cartoons_about_tanks #dorzilla #world_of_tanks_animation #tanks_animation #world_of_tanks_cartoon #tanktoon
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