Baby And Puppy Learn To Climb Stairs Together! (CUTEST EVER!!)

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First part was starting to learn then from They have mastered the mini ninja warrior course!
So Teddy had never seen stairs before and was intrigued by them so we thought we would show him it's ok and how to get up them! At first he was a bit worried past the first steps but soon enough he's flying up and down with his best buddy Amelia. As if a little baby wasn't cute enough throw a puppy in learning to go up and down with her! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!

Teddy likes to stick by Mia's side so he follows her up and then down then up then down haha, great exercise for them! We're also teaching Mia how to safely descend the steps as this applies to any object she then climbs, she needs to go bum first!

Teddy's little bunny hop down is the cutest!

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