ATS: Listening to Art Bell Ghost to Ghost From 1993

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- If you watch closely you will notice me looking around in the cab, and I see a sign which had me take a few extra looks to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

- MOST IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind my Video Card is a AMD R9 380 (4 gig of Vram) which allows me to play games with the graphic settings I show in my videos. Your experience may vary if you are using a different video card.

[My System Specs]
- Windows 10
- 8 Gigs of Ram
- Syncmaster 2220wm (1680x1050p) Monitor
- AMD Phenom II X4 940
- AMD R9 380 (4gig Vram)

- Day of Defeat Sturmbot Support Website:


"I would rather have someone hate me for speaking the truth than like me for telling them a lie."

Michael Slaunwhite
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