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Hey welcome to my stream! My name is Punfucius,
i do real live streams with real giveaways, Some games i play are Among us, Fortnite and whatever is new and Good! So hit that sub button and join the PunFam. I really wish i could make a 100 person among us lobby, i mean 100 people in among us would be awesome haha. That being said you could become a member and get to play with me LIVE RIGHT NOW!

???????? Channel Member Benefits ????????
???? I Add All Channel Members as Friends On XBOX/EPIC/Discord
???? Members Get To play With Me Every Sunday!/Join our discord
???? You Get A Custom Pun Shield Badge Next To Your Name In Chat
???? You Get Emojis That Only Channel Members Can Use!
????You're not effect by slow mode, All THAT JUST THE $5 MEMBER!
????More Perks for higher members check out link bellow


Some other links you might need to play Among us or Fortnite is my discord, Join it for Free! Sometimes we do Discord only Giveaways for among us and Fortnite there.


If you're really enjoying my streams consider using my Fortnite item shop Code to help support the dream

Fortnite item shop CODE: Punfucius_YT

All The Music used on stream is Copyright Free and available for you guys to download, Check out these artists below for Great copyright free music for your videos, stream and more!
( Neffex )
( NCS )

*All Donations are final, so please dono responsibly.
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