Alok, Everyone You Know - Kids on Whizz (Lyric Video)

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Alok is back with another deep and slapping gem, Kids on Whizz, together with Everyone You Know.

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Kids on whizz, darlings on Charlie
Don't go back to him

Charlie's been asking for ya
He said that you and him ain't spoken for a while
I caught him down the local nightclub on the dancefloor
Putting his phone number into another girl's mobile, and he said

He said he wants to see you soon
And he told me the things that you used to do
I told him that I don't really need to know
Then he asked me to ask if you want him back
He said he's still hanging round here with molly and Jack
And if you ever need him, you know where to go (Charlie)

Bababa she babao, oh she baba

Charlie's been asking for ya
He said you used to want him when you went out to play
I caught him knocking round the high street on the weekend
Sneaking into nightclubs and making every punters day, and he said

He said he used to make you smile
And if you didn't want him, you were in denial
And I said to him, just please get out my ear
Then he told me to tell you to take his hand
'Cause he knows deep down you're his biggest fan
And now I pass this message to you, my dear

Charlie keeps on asking, he just won't let it go
He said you like it in the summer when it snows (Charlie)

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