All Disney remakes are bad, hear me out – Garbage Retrospective to Disney’s Live action adaptations

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The Disney remakes or live action adaptations, they make so much money but they suck. Or do they!? I sat down and watched all of them on Disney+ even the kim possible movie and the new Mulan. Here are my thoughts. The video has my thoughts they aren’t down here in the description I should have been more specific. Okay fine most of them are awful.

00:00 Start
00:51 Jungle Book 1994
03:32 101 Dalmatians
06:12 102 Dalmatians
07:25 Alice In Wonderland
10:09 Maleficent
12:30 Cinderella
15:15 Jungle Book 2016
17:44 Fever dream
18:32 Beauty and the beast
21:42 Ok
22:29 Kim Possible movie
23:40 Dumbo
25:23 Aladdin
28:24 The Lion King
31:33 Mulan


And a bunch of Kingdom hearts and movie title game soundtracks
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