Aathma Rama Aananda Ramana | LYRICS | One Hour Extended | Female Version | Suprabha KV

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Jai Shree Ram
Super happy to share with you, a very soulful devotional song.
I’d love to know your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

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Cover Credits:
►Music: @Nokashi Studios
►Direction: Arpit Patel
►Mixing and Mastering: Paras Chauhan
►Singer: Suprabha KV

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Aathma Rama Aanandha Ramana
Achyutha Keshava Hari Narayana
Bhava Bhaya Harana Vanditha Charana
Raghukula Bhooshana Rajiva Lochana
Adi Narayana Anantha Shayana
Sathchitthanandha Sathya Narayana

Chant the name of Rama, bestower of happiness and resident of our heart. Worship the Lotus Feet of Lord Narayana, Achyutha, Keshava and Hari, destroys the fear of cycle of birth and death. Pray: Lotus-eyed Rama of Raghu Dynasty; Lord Narayana, resting on coiled serpent: Lord Sathya Narayana, Who is embodiment of Truth and bliss.
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