#970 - Fashion, Cars & Crime With Jess Lucas - The Daily Talk Show

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We chat about Jess's Hinge date looking like Will Ferrell, the Billie Eilish documentary, fashion accessories, engagement rings, dream cars, crime, and Jess's rotten broccoli.

On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we discuss:

00:00 - Chewy Tuesday
03:18 - Will Ferrell stand in
04:51 - Billie Eilish Documentary
07:14 - Accessories
09:56 - Engagement rings
15:47 - Orlando Bloom
18:05 - Victoria's Secret fashion show
20:56 - CD Stackers
24:21 - Dream Cars
28:08 - Most famous person in your phone
31:44 - Cecil Hotel & The Apology Line
37:12 - The bin in the office

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