7:00am Adley’s Morning Routine ???? Dad Won’t Wakeup! baby Navey rescue! get Niko ready! Mom Asleep

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the whole family is except Adley!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! Good Morning!! It's bright and early and I'm the only one awake! I wake up SUPER early and I don't know what to do so I go and wake up my family members!! First I sneak into my parent's room and grab my dad while he is sleeping and make him come to my room so I can watch adley videos in my bed!! After that, we go downstairs and I make us a big bowl of cereal and try to wake dad up! He always complains about the morning but I love them!! I wish he was an early bird like me! When making cereal I sometimes spill the milk or the cereal, luckily I have our dog Koopa to clean the mess!! After eating, we go back upstairs and help mom by taking Navey to my room and we entertain her while mom sleeps more!! I love hanging out with my little sister!! She helps me pick out my clothes and plays with me! Later, I sneak into Niko's room to wake him up so that we can play!! One of our favorite games is Zombie Queen and he chases me around!! It's so fun!! Thanks for joining me on my Mourning Routine!!

my last video - Leprechaun SLiME TRAP The Movie!! Adley & Niko make hidden pots of gold for St Patrick’s Day crafts

my dad's last video - Stitches!! BRAVE NiKO Doctor visit! Late Night Hospital check up! Adley gets brother a surprise!

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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