67 Year Old Granny Restored My Mercedes Bumper

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Hey Guys this is your Favorite Imran back with another video
Today am Going to Show you where i get INSPIRATION from. I Met this Granny few days ago in search of my Mercedes Bumper Restoration. I Traveled many places states and called many people in search of MERCEDES FRONT BUMPER i got nothing but a BIG !!!
Then Some how i MET this GRANNY and I got so Inspired by her Work and How Passionate she !!! She is around 67 and still she loves to ,,!!
She followed her Interest's and still she's still on it. So guys aap ke passion ko follow karo and woh kaam karne mey bhi bohoth maza ayega and maloom nahi padtha aap ki !!!

Contact Supper Granny : BABU MIYA PLASTIC WORK
Azagar Begum: 9989690238

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Video Edited by Manish Nathari:
Music By Danilo Tohronton :

Thank You For !!!!!
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