14 DIY MINIATURE BARBIE HACKS Makeup kit, Hair clips, Iron, Hamster and more

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14 DIY MINIATURE BARBIE HACKS Makeup kit, hair clips, iron, hamster and more:

- 3 Barbie hair clips
- Miniature makeup kit
- Miniature cage, house and wheel for a hamster
- Miniature Avocado Backpack
- Home slippers for dolls in the shape of a shark
- A case for things or a dresser in a doll house
- Miniature Furby Toy
- False eyelashes for Barbie
- Miniature iron
- Miniature Barbie with mini clothes
- Alarm clock
- Sling for Baby Doll
- Backpack for panda doll
- 2 Barbie makeup eyeshadow palettes
These and other miniatures for the dollhouse, for Barbie, for dolls, watch on the Lil Simple channel.

Hyperfun by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ()
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