10 best Kei cars ever

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The Kei car is one of the real hallmarks of Japanese car culture. These teeny little cars are designed to allow cheap, small motoring for the masses in Japan. They’ve now been around for several decades, with the formula changing only slightly. Originally only a 150cc engine was allowed, then the class really took off with 360cc motors.

Now Kei cars can have practically massive 660cc engines, and have been made for sale in Japan in factories as far flung as the UK. The sheer variety of these tiny little heroes is staggering, so we’ve picked our favourite ones from the last 72 years.

But let us know below what your favourite is?

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00:00 What is a Kei car
01:06 Subaru 360
01:58 Mazda R360
02:38 Suzuki Jimny LJ10
03:28 Suzuki Fronte Coupe
04:17 Honda Beat
05:26 Suzuki Cappuccino
06:09 Autozam AZ-1
07:13 Daihatsu Copen
07:52 Honda S660
08:43 Caterham Seven 160

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