???? 50 Hz POWER Gamma Waves | Supercharge Yourself | Genius Focus & Brain Power | Simply Hypnotic

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???? 50 Hz POWER Gamma Waves | Supercharge Yourself | Genius Focus & Brain Power | Simply Hypnotic | This amazing recording is great for moments of clarity, memory recall and whenever you need dynamic focus. For best results use earphones and listen often.

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???? Simply Hypnotic uses Korg Minilogue XD Polyphonic and Roli Blocks Synthesisers

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Translated titles:
???? 50 Hz POWER Gamma Waves | Sobrealimentar a ti mismo | Genius Focus y Brain Power | Simplemente

???? 50 Hz POWER Gamma Waves | Laden Sie sich auf | Genius Focus & Brain Power | Einfach hypnotisch

???? 50 Hz POWER Gamma Waves | Se surpasser | Genius Focus & Brain Power | Simplement hypnotique

???? Ondas gama de 50 Hz POWER | Supercharge você mesmo | Foco genial e poder do cérebro | Simples

???? 50 हर्ट्ज पावर गामा लहरें | सुपरचार्ज

؟؟؟؟ 50 هرتز السلطة غاما موجات | فاحش نفسك | Genius Focus & Brain Pow

???? 50 Hz POWER গামা ওয়েভস | নিজেকে সুপারচার্জ

???? 50 Hz功率伽馬波|自己增壓|天才焦點和腦力|只是催眠

???? 50 ਹਰਟਜ਼ ਪਾਵਰ ਗਾਮਾ ਵੇਵ | ਆਪ ਸੁਪਰਚਾਰਜ | ਜ

؟؟؟؟ 50 ہرٹج پاور گاما لہریں | خود سپرچارج | گنوتی فوکس او
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